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Autism and Dyslexia Explored

Unravel the link between autism and dyslexia, understanding symptoms, diagnosis, and effective interventions.

Exploring the 3 Levels of Autism

Explore the 3 levels of autism, their traits, and the unique strengths and challenges tied to each.

The Importance of Autism Evaluation

Uncover the crucial role of autism evaluation in early diagnosis and intervention. Knowledge is power.

Autism In Women

Explore 'autism in women', their unique challenges, and the resilience that makes them invisible heroes.

Dyspraxia & Autism Connections Explored

Explore the intriguing connection between dyspraxia & autism and how it impacts daily life.

Autism Dating Guide for New Jersey Parents

Discover the autism dating guide for New Jersey parents, helping your child navigate love and relationships.

What are Autism Meltdowns?

Discover what are autism meltdowns, their triggers, and helpful strategies for parents navigating them.

Medication Options for Autism Treatment

Explore medication for autism, risks, and alternatives. Empower yourself with knowledge for your child's journey.

What is Autism Masking?

Unravel 'what is autism masking', its impact, and coping strategies for your child's well-being.

A Detailed History & Timeline Unveiled

Explore the fascinating history & timeline of autism, from early accounts to future research.

Is It Possible to Recover from Autism?

Exploring if it's possible to recover from autism with early intervention, ABA therapy, and parental involvement.

Homeschooling Strategies for Children with Autism

Explore effective strategies for homeschooling a child with autism, from creating routines to self-care.

Autism and Schizophrenia Connection Explored

Explore the intriguing connection between autism and schizophrenia, from shared symptoms to treatment approaches.

Crafting an Exceptional RBT Resume

Elevate your RBT resume with our guide. Show off your skills and stand out in the New Jersey job market!

RBT Renewal Application in New Jersey

Master the RBT renewal application process in New Jersey with our insightful guide to avoid delays.

Effective Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Cover Letter

Craft the standout registered behavior technician (RBT) cover letter that showcases skills and passion.

RBT Certification Cost in New Jersey

Explore the RBT certification cost in New Jersey and unlock opportunities in autism support careers.

Average Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Salary in New Jersey

Discover the average registered behavior technician (RBT) salary in New Jersey and factors influencing it.

Autism and Sleep: Tips & Solutions for Children with Autism

Discover expert strategies for addressing autism and sleep issues, enhancing your child's well-being.

Elopement and Autism in New Jersey

Learn about elopement and autism, strategies for prevention, and resources for NJ families.

The Role of Risperidone in Autism

Explore 'risperidone for autism': its effectiveness, risks, benefits, and role in balancing behavior in ASD.

Sulforaphane: A New Path for Autism Treatment

Discover the potential of sulforaphane treatment for autism. Understand studies, trials, and caregiver reports.

Key Interventions for Autism Explored

Explore interventions for autism, from sensory challenges to behavioral approaches, transforming lives.

Autism Statistics in New Jersey

Navigate 'autism statistics' and insights for New Jersey parents, from global prevalence to local impact.

Excessive Blinking in Children with Autism

Unravel the mystery behind excessive blinking in children with autism and discover effective management strategies.

What is ABA Therapy?

Discover what is ABA therapy? Explore its techniques, benefits, and impact on autism management.

What is Autism? Definition & Impact

Explore 'what is autism?', its impact and strategies for support in our comprehensive guide.

Do Autistic Individuals Get Injured More Often?

Discover why autistic people get injured more and learn strategies to increase their safety.

Stimming Behaviors in Autism

Demystify stimming in autism, explore its impact and strategies for managing it to empower your child.

Autism and Depression: Effective Treatment & Support

Discover the vital link between autism and depression, and explore effective treatments and support options.

How can I get a proper diagnosis for my child?

How can I get a proper diagnosis for my child? Concerned about your child’s development?

Mealtime Challenges

Whether you’re struggling with grabbing, messy eating, pouring drinks independently, or washing hands and face after...

Reinforcement? What’s that?

Reinforcement? What’s that? As a parent, you want to help your child, and using specific strategies can help you do the most you can in their natural home environment!

Siblings and the Autism Journey

Siblings lives are intertwined. And if one child has Autism, the dynamics and needs of each child might change.

4 Reasons Your Household Is Stressed (And What You Can Do About It!)

By Emma Grace Brown There are many reasons that your household might feel tense and unpleasant.

Holiday Tips for the Holiday Season

Preparing for the holidays should be fun! But it can turn stressful and overwhelming when your child with Autism doesn’t like change.

My child is newly diagnosed. Now what?

As a parent of a newly (or not-so-newly) diagnosed child with Autism, you know how confusing it can be to find good information about this spectrum disorder.

School is starting! Adjusting from COVID to Classroom

How to best help your child transition from virtual classes to reality.

Summer Fun!

Summer time can be fun! Think: beach, barbecues, fireworks, family. But it can also be hot and sticky.