Financial Aid Resources

child putting coin inside piggy-bank

The decision to engage in ABA Therapy is wonderful resource for your child who has been diagnosed with autism. It also has a variety of costs involved depending on the type of insurance and coverage that is offered. Mastermind Behavior Services knows that offering additional means to reduce the financial impact is valuable for each caregiver. Autism Speaks is a phenomenal resource in the autism and ABA world. Please refer to some of these resources for additional support if coverage and finances could be a barrier to your child receiving services.

- Autism Speaks : Financial Planning Tool Kit

- Autism Speaks : Financial Assistance Resources

- Autism Speaks : Financial Planning App

For any parent, receiving an autism diagnosis for your child can be an overwhelming experience. Figuring out just what kind of help your child needs, along with who to trust and where to go … that’s all hard enough. Eventually, it hits you — how am I going to pay for the therapy my child needs? Can I get ABA therapy insurance coverage? This guide explains the options — whether you have insurance or not — for accessing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment for your child.

Please refer to Mastermind’s ABA Need to Know resource guide for more information about ABA insurance coverage.