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We provide In-home ABA therapy that helps your child develop the skills to help them thrive in the real world.

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Your child with autism CAN have a happy and fulfilling future

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Insurance accepted

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Skilled and caring therapists

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Visible progress

You won't be left alone

Parenting a child with autism can be hard and lonely.

You wish that…

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You had a window into your child’s world

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Your child could express their needs & frustration, and understand what you’re communicating

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Daily life was easier and manageable, and well – more normal
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You could keep them safe + manage their emotional outbursts
Nothing is impossible

Progress is possible.

You’ll see positive and measurable growth in these areas

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Communication + language skills
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Daily living + functional living skills
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Emotional functioning
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Social interactions
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Three simple steps

Our success is rooted in:

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Individualized treatment plan

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1:1 treatment

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Supportive environment

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Integrated into the home environment

With the right support, your child can go far


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My life has improved tremendously.

Jason was making progress in school but at home there were many areas that he needed assistance with in his daily living. My life has improved tremendously. Jason has learned many daily living skills such as self feeding, hanging his coat up, getting dressed/undressed, as well as following a daily schedule of feeding, bathroom, supper worktime etc. Their caring and devotion together with the level of expertise is highly impressive. I tell people you should really use MMB because they will change your life.

Sarah D.
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A whole-child approach means a happier child, and happier home

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Personalized Therapy

Whether you’d like your child to gesture to the red straw cup instead of screaming, or learn how to go to the bathroom, we’ll design a program based on your child’s unique needs and preferences.

Empowering Parents

By observing the program at home, you’ll learn how to guide your child’s progress and handle difficult scenarios. We also provide regular parent training so you can integrate new skills in day-to-day activities – and get the benefits of the program when we’re not around.

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Mother playing with child

MMB does not treat you like a client - they treat you like family.

They genuinely care, are happy when there is progress and celebrate the milestones. They are super proud when my child achieves a goal. They really give you a level of attention and an individualized program. My friends don’t understand me so they are my support system, as they really understands what’s going on.

Emily S.
The statistics say it all

The highest quality in-home ABA therapy

BHCOE Preliminary Accreditation
30+ years experience with ASD
Measurable Progress
Strict hiring process
Warm, skilled and dedicated therapists
Regular monitoring

The skills they need.
The support you crave.
The future you dream of.

Give your child the skills to thrive today!