Parenting a child with autism may not be what you expected.

But with the right team by your side, you can expect a bright future.

If you’re searching for highly-regarded professionals who have the decades of experience, deep insights & genuine compassion to facilitate your child’s growth, we’re thrilled to welcome you.

But with the right team by your side, you can expect a bright future.

If you’re searching for highly-regarded professionals who have the decades of experience, deep insights & genuine compassion to facilitate your child’s growth, we’re thrilled to welcome you.

Our story

After working for decades with children with autism, the changes that ABA therapy gave families amazed us. Over and over, children achieved milestones and developed skills – way beyond expectations. We realized that the impact could be ten-fold if done in the familiarity of the home environment, on a long-term basis.

We founded Mastermind Behavior to help your child reach their fullest potential, so they’re able to have a rewarding and fulfilling future. At Mastermind Behavior, your child’s diagnosis does not define them. We view each child as a precious and unique individual, and create a program which allows them to progress – and have the future which is possible for them.

Meet the powerhouse duo behind Mastermind Behavior

Adina Frankel, Clinical Director, MS, BCBA, LBA

As the clinical director of Mastermind Behavior, Adina is the queen of all things data. She oversees the therapists, manages the programs and makes sures all children are on track to progress at the right pace and level. She has a Masters in Special Education, is a certified BCBA and has over 10 years experience working and training in special education.

A stickler for details, Adina can see with one glance that every child’s program is on track, and achieving their highest potential. If it’s not, Adina will rearrange the program – so your child’s development progresses. Adina is also the go-to writer and communications lady.

The best part of her job? Working with parents parents who are fully devoted to helping their children succeed.

When she’s not fine-tuning and brainstorming individual programs for clients, you’ll find her cooking up a storm for her family, while humming along to her current favorite playlist.

Raizy Perlstein: Director of Operations, MS, BCBA, LBA

Raizy wears two (or sometimes 25) hats. As the director of operations, her meticulous love of details, order and systems ensures processes and tech stuff run smoothly.

In addition to her super-organized streak, Raizy is in charge of hiring therapists and matching them to the right families. Her remarkable intuitive abilities allows her to choose devoted and skilled therapists who can give the families the level of support and care they need.

Raizy is highly regarded amongst colleagues for her high levels of competence and understanding in the field. She’s seen a lot through her years – and brings unique insight, expert knowledge and deep compassion to every family who is lucky to work with her.

When families wonder if they will survive the ASD journey, it’s Raizy who assures them “you will be okay” – and because of her experience and conviction they trust her – see a positive future ahead of them.

When not at work you’ll find her immersed in a Sudoku puzzle, or losing a basketball game to her kids.

Raizy is brilliant, compassionate, and respectful. She is up-to date in ABA and spectrum related disorders combined with the fact of her determination to continue to explore empirically studied ABA approaches, and gets “whole picture approach”. I have observed and experienced her unique insight, clear judgement, and professionalism many times!

Soroh Wolk- Yudkowsky LCSW
SCHI (School for Children with Hidden Intelligence) School Social Worker

I have known Raizy professionally since 1998. We have worked together, collaborated, attended courses and consulted on cases, business and staffing. Raizy is a true competent and compassionate professional. She is an expert in the field of autism and ABA therapy, and is a colleague I will consult with as I value her opinion.

Laura Leonard
ABA TREE, Owner/Clinical Director

Mrs. Frankel is always eager to learn new teaching methods and to advance her theoretical competency. Mrs. Frankel’s understanding of and compassion for children with various developmental disabilities is outstanding. She has a collaborative and optimistic attitude and she is a great advocate for the children she serves.

Stein K. Lund
Private Consultant, Early Intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder

Girl with Downs Syndrome

Mastermind Behavior Services Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase access to quality ABA therapy services and provide exemplary ABA therapy to children with autism so they can achieve their full potential and live the productive, meaningful and joyful life that they deserve. We honor and respect people with autism for their value right now and offer our services to help them live with greater independence, safety and understanding.

Mastermind Behavior Services Vision

Our vision is to increase access to quality ABA services by providing high-quality, compassionate and convenient ABA services to as many children with autism as possible so they can attain, and retain, the skills they need to live their best lives. We’re here to support families and parents along the journey by providing holistic guidance and ABA training so they too can help their child thrive in their daily lives.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

We believe in fostering an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diversity of our families, patients, and our employees, regardless of disability, race, gender or identity. By respecting each individual’s uniqueness and learning from each other, we believe that our families, children and employees will feel safe to bring out their best selves, today and always.

The values we live by

We keep up to date with the latest research

We don’t stop learning. With ASD research evolving (almost) daily, ongoing education is our priority. By attending well-respected conferences, reading recent studies and consulting with respected colleagues, we incorporate current developments in our approach.

We invest in hiring, retaining and training the best therapists

Our staff are our greatest asset. We have high standards; hiring people with the passion, personality and professional skills to connect meaningfully with your child. We spend hours on interviews, pay competitive rates and provide ongoing training so your child can get the quality care – and outcomes – they deserve.

We believe parents are the experts of their child

You are your child’s strongest advocate. You know your child best. You’ll tell us which skills will help you and your child thrive at home – and we’ll help you get there. We’ll never stop listening to you, asking for your feedback throughout.

With Mastermind Behavior by your side, a bright future is possible.

Join the Mastermind family and discover…

The progress you need.

The hope you yearn for.

The future you dream of.

A wonderful and fulfilling future is possible for your child.

And it starts today.