The Process

To achieve our Vision we have created the MasterMind System for treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The MasterMind System is built on Progressive Interlocking Development. The natural flow of a child’s brain development is systematic. Each stage of a child’s development sets the stage for the following stage. Success in one area of development leads to success in others.

Before we establish goals for a child, we do a comprehensive evaluation of all the skills a child has achieved at that level. A thorough evaluation provides a very clear and detailed understanding of the child’s development. We then identify the weak points in the child’s repertoire that may impede future progress.

The program we establish for the child is a response to how the child experienced the Progressive Interlocking Development. By identifying the weak points, we develop a robust, well rounded program which facilitates the progress required to achieve enhanced skill development. In addition, we focus on creating new neuropathways in the brain to support more complex learning. Every phase of our evaluation and therapy is based on ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and is completely evidence-based and research-based.

The Reward

The MasterMind System based on Progressive Interlocking Development enables us to unlock a future that rewards both child and parents with the smiles and joy that come from the child’s achieving a more active and productive role in life.


The Environment for Success

For your child home is a place of familiarity and security. The comfort of being encompassed by the warm love of family empowers his fuller development of capabilities. Mastering daily living skills can progress more easily where the sights, sounds and texture form a natural, readily identifiable environment. For your child and you there is a smoother integration into the family rhythm through our ABA Home-Based Therapy.

Heart to Heart

Heart touches heart. As much as your child hears, he senses and feels the caring and devotion expressed by our ABA therapists through their affectionate expression of encouragement and guidance. Each therapist has years of experience assisting the special-needs population through positive-based techniques. They stand out not only for their expertise, but equally for the passion they display to assist your child achieve milestones in his development. The bond formed through that passionate devotion is a firm foundation for your child’s progressive development.


Potential Into Reality

" I will let the insurance company know how much he has progressed since he has started ABA with MasterMind"

— T.H.

“The neurologist has seen great results with you guys.”

— G.M.


Highest Standards for More Rewarding Results

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) working with your child plays a significant role in your child’s progress. Our BCBAs conduct comprehensive assessments and develop detailed and child-specific behavior and learning programs. Once implemented, the BCBA monitors progress and supervises all members of your child’s team to assure treatment integrity and collaborative team efforts. 

Most Insurances Accepted

We accept most insurance plans and work with you and your insurance company to get the maximum ABA benefits for your child with an ASD diagnosis. Contact us with your specific insurance information or concerns and we will gladly assist you.



Let’s Discuss Your Child’s Potential