A Way to Communicate

A child with special needs who has behaviors can be tough. And the child who’s engaged in problem behaviors for long enough probably knows more about behaviors than you do.

Behavior is a way of communicating. It’s not the right way to communicate, but for some, it’s the most effective way to get their point across.

Consider this:

What is more powerful, a train or a person?

Most would say a train, as its strength is accounted for by the materials, mechanism and sheer mass. But if a person sits on the tracks, and the train is forced to stop, who is more powerful then?

That is our child with special needs who exhibits problem behavior in the food aisle, at the game, in our house at bedtime.

It is up to us to teach our children with disabilities to communicate in a way that allows for satisfaction, happiness, and calmness.

To express wants and needs.

To express feelings and emotions.

And to let us know how to help them.

Raizy Perlstein